Geocache Search

Looking for something different?  Head over to one of McLeod County’s County Parks and search for our hidden geocache containers.  Each container holds several trinkets (take one or leave one), a log for filling out, and a postcard (take one) with a QR code printed on it.  Snap the QR code and follow the link to a video or article about the history of the site/area!  All you need is a smartphone or a GPS device.

Coordinates are as follows

Stahl’s Lake Park—N 44° 56.828′ W 094° 25.532′

William May Park—N 44° 57.065′ W 094° 01.303′

Lake Marion Park—N 44° 47.159′ W 094° 22.840′

Peipenburg Park—N 44° 58.420′ W 094° 25.011′

Buffalo Creek Park—In progress

Swan Lake Park—N 44° 55.189 W 094° 14.273