Brief History

1874 MapOur History:

Preserving local history has been an important undertaking in McLeod County since the old settlers gathered in the late 19th century to share their stories. According to local records, residents of McLeod County began to establish local historical societies as early as 1906.

In 1940, the McLeod County Historical Society was formally established and it incorporated the local historical chapters. The entire society met annually with chapters meeting more frequently.

In 1952, the society reorganized, with a new constitution and bylaws combining area chapters into one united society that still continues today!

The McLeod County Museum features an art gallery, an exhibit area, a research library and archives, plus a large meeting room with kitchen facilities that is available for rent by the public.  The Historical and Genealogy societies hold monthly meetings which highlight varied historical topics, along with special events, exhibitions, and  classes.  The museum also publishes a monthly newsletter for members.