Remembering Country Schools-Sibley County Book Presentation-3/15/2015

Remembering Country Schools-Sibley County Book Presentation & McLeod County 2015

“History of Country Schools” -Theme Kickoff
Sunday, March 15th-2-3 PM-

Museum Educational Media Center

Sibley Country School Book coverGreat Minds think alike…or at least that is what Dorothy Peterson and I decided when Rommie Peterson dropped off the Sibley County Historical Society book, “Remembering Country Schools”. We had only months earlier decided to have “History of McLeod County Country Schools” as our 2015 theme. When I contacted Dorothy, who was one of the many volunteers at Sibley County who helped research and compile the over five hundred page history book. I asked Dorothy if she and some of the volunteers who worked on the book for the past three years, would be willing to give us some advice on how to take on such a huge project. She was happy to help, and volunteered to present at our Theme Kickoff program on country schools. The Sibley group will present how they collected the stories, photos and artifacts that they used to create this massive book.
The McLeod County Historical Society, using their new in-house searchable database, will feature some of the Museum’s collections of artifacts and photos that will be a part of our Country School theme this year. We will also unveil new displays that feature all things country school, as well as a huge McLeod County Map showing the location of each of the country schools that once existed in McLeod County.

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