McLeod County Fair- August 16th-20th, 2017-Displays, Photos with WWI Soldiers & Red Cross Workers!

McLeod County Fair (August 16th-20th, 2017)

McLeod County & The Great War:(100 Years-1917-2017) 
McLeod County Soldier’s go to War!




The McLeod County Historical Society & Museum is excited to kick off our three year long theme, “McLeod County & the Great War” at this year’s Fair.  This first year we will focus on the U.S. entrance into World War I, the draft in McLeod County, and the Soldier’s experiences at boot camp and making their way to Europe.

The display will showcase draft cards from McLeod County Soldiers, uniforms, WWI gear, and personal letters & photos sent to the home front,  on their way to War. We will also feature how those left behind aided the war effort, especially our McLeod County women, who organized Red Cross Units, sold war bonds and took on historically male dominated roles and jobs to ensure that our Country and County continued to function, doing their part to support the troops overseas!

McLeod County Historical Society & Museum

Booth Open 10 am-9 pm each day of the Fair

  • Photos with WWI Soldiers & Red Cross Workers
  • Guess the WWI Gadget?
  • Learn why many thought WWI would be the
  • War to end Wars!



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