May Artifact of the Month

Donor: Mildred Flacksbarth Accession #: 2014-0138-001

History: Eighth grade diploma awarded to Josie Jerabek at Glencoe, MN on June 5, 1915.  Signed by J. W. Sustacek, Chairman; Wm. McNellis, Treasurer; Mrs. M. Meyers, Clerk; Celia M. McMullen, Teacher; Geo. F. Munier, Superintendent of Schools The Diploma has a gold seal of the Superintendent of Schools. Josephine “Josie” & her twin Lucille “Lucy” were born June 23,1903, daughters of Vincent James Jerabek and Emma Klima Jerabek. They were students at School District #14, Lake Hook school. Josie was the oldest of the twins.

Diploma Josie Jerabeck







Donor: Unknown

Accession #: 1985-2874-001

History: Reproduction photo of Lake Hook School District # 14, Hutchinson Township, McLeod County.  The photo is undated, and shows a small group of unidentified children and two adults standing and sitting on the front steps. Note the well pump in the foreground.

Dist 4 country schoolhouse


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