“Little Crow & the Dakota War” Documentary Movie & Q & A Talk-11/19/2017

Sunday, November 19th-4PM

State Theater

35 Washington Ave. E

Tickets-$10 -Adults-$5 -Kids under 12 years old

Back by popular demand, the McLeod County Historical Society and Museum is pleased to announce the second showing of, “Little Crow and The Dakota War”!  Thanks to Red McMonagle owner of the Hutchinson State Theater, film directors and producers, Mark Diedrich and Bill Weiss, the Museum was able to present the documentary film back in July of 2017.  The response was overwhelming, with all 300 tickets selling out within minutes of the show.

Tickets are now again available to see this very successful documentary that explores the life of the Dakota Warrior during the U. S. Dakota War of 1862.  The film has been featured on PBS and shown all over the region, with much success.  Unlike the first showing this past July, Mark and Bill will both be available to give a 45 minute talk and question and Answer session about the making of the film and the impact that it has had on the legacy of Little Crow, the Dakota people and the history of the 1862 war that was fought here in McLeod County and Minnesota.  Many who saw the documentary the first time was left with questions and wanted more information to help digest this ground breaking and insightful film that digs much deeper into the reasons for the war and the Dakota side of the story.

All ticket proceeds will go to help support the Museum’s Mission to preserve McLeod County’s History, with all popcorn and pop sales to the State Theater.  The Museum will be pre-selling tickets, so get them early, as last time we only had a handful left to sell at the door!

Mark Diedrich, who is well know author on Native American Chiefs, will many of his books for sale at the event.  The Museum will also have historical booklets on Little Crow and our 1862 Sites Guide for sale before and after the event.




  1. Jayne Piepenburg says:

    Can I buy tickets for the Little Crow movie over the phone with a credit card?

  2. Can we buy the tickets at the theater

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