June Artifact of the Month

Donor:  Charles Luedtke

Accession #:  2012-006-001

History:  Worn by Emil Ferdinand Luedtke, circa. 1912-1940 as Assistant Fire Chief.  Jack Riesberg was Fire Chief.  Before entering World War I on February 25, 1918 he was employed at Zila Hardware store.  After serving overseas with the engineer corps, he was discharged in the summer of 1919 and returned to work at the Zila store.  On June 18, 1920 he married Leola Lange.  Later he managed the Home Gas Company in Hutchinson for 12 years before becoming superintendent of operations and moving to Minneapolis c.1946.  Emil died suddenly on March 29, 1950 while attending a service school for gas company employees at Willmar.










Donor:  Charles Luedtke

Accession #:  2012-0026-005

History:  Hutchinson Fire Department badge for Hose Co. No. 1, Hutchinson MN.  Double sided: 1) crossed flags, star and eagle picture in red, tan & blue 2) “In Memoriam” and vintage fire wagon in black & silver.  Top reversible pin with picture of ladder, fire hatchet, fireman, & hose nozzles. Dark gold fringe.  Made by the Whitehead & Hoag Co., 1892-1894 patents.  Worn by Emil Ferdinand Luedtke c.1912-1940 as Assistant Fire Chief;  Jack Riesberg was the Fire Chief during most of those years. 


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