July Artifact of the Month:

Donor:  Phyllis Ohland

Accession #: 2008-0047-002

History: Blue and white rose patterned English china vase with gold trim.  A crest with “P” & “T” is stamped on the bottom.  Unknown manufacturer.  The vase was owned by one of the wives of the missionaries to the Sioux and was part of a china set one of them had been given by the parish she left in Connecticut..  The missionaries had established a Minnesota/South Dakota border mission (Brown’s Valley?).  When they were threatened by Little Crow’s uprising in 1862 they buried their valuables, including this vase, and started to flee. When they returned they dug up the china.  Some of the scalloped edges of the opening on the top of the vase were supposedly broken when it was buried and those edges were tinted with gold when the vase was recovered.  Page 27 of R. J. Creswell’s “Among the Sioux” 2008-0047-001 has a photo of the missionaries escaping the Indians, as well as the story of establishing the missions.  The Creswell book and this vase were given to Phyllis Ohland in the 1930’s by Mack and Maude Smith of Biscay.  Maude was a niece of one of the missionaries and had what was left of the china set. Mack Smith was the manager of the Thompson Lumber Yard in Biscay and the Smiths and Ohlands were neighbors.


















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