John Cartwright Railroad Art-1/12/2015

John Cartwright railroad artwork003John Cartwright Railroad Art

Monday, January 12th 6-7 PM-Museum Educational Media Center

As we have explored the history of railroads in our county, we are happy to have award winning artist John Cartwright to give us another perspective on the railroad and the depots that once played such an important role in the lives of McLeod County communities. John’s life long love of trains and the history of the railroads can be seen in his extraordinarily detailed ink drawings. He captures a bygone era with all the accuracy a historian and a skilled artist could accomplish. In his own words:
“I have been exploring these subjects virtually my entire life. Railroads have always held a special fascination for me, as nearly all of the previous generations of my family depended on it for their livelihood. I could see the important role they once played in the social and economic fabric of our country, and that the traditions of that earlier era were being swept away forever. I chose to use the medium of ink drawing to evoke rich images of this previous era in the idealistic hope that people would someday opt to restore this more sensible method of moving people and goods with less harm to the environment than transportation modes of today afford. My images are created from photographs of the earlier era; either taken by myself 20–30 years ago or photos obtained from a variety of sources (books, museums, and individuals). I then create a composition that involves some minor rearrangement of the elements and leaving out of items such as autos and other extraneous items. Sometimes consultation with people familiar with the location in the era depicted has helped add certain details.”
John has many of McLeod County’s Depots available for purchase, as prints. that can be signed at the event. Mr. Cart- wright has also been kind enough to donate three prints, two Hutchinson Depot and one Silver Lake Depot drawing to the Museum for our Christmas Silent Auction Fundraiser. Make sure you mark your calendar for our last railroad program of our 2014 theme, you will not want to miss it!


  1. David Larson says:

    Mr. Cartwright, I am very fortunate to have two of your pieces. I have the Delano, MN and the Ellsworth WI depot drawing’s. My home town was Ellsworth but I lived in Beldenville, WI which is about 5 miles West of Ellsworth. I know it had a depot and would very much like a drawing by you. Any chance?

    David Larson
    612 619 9269

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