History of the Fur Trade and Fur Bearing Animals-1/31/2015

Felt HatHistory of the Fur Trade and Fur Bearing Animals

Sunday, January 31st, 2016
2 PM-Museum Educational Media Center
with Lori Pickell-Stangel

& Joe Stangel

As a part of this year’s Community Book Read, “Canoeing with the Cree”, the McLeod County Historical Museum will be holding a program on the History of the Fur Trade in Minnesota and the Fur Bearing Animals that fed this early industry.  Using artifacts from the Museum’s collection and furs of mink, muskrat, beaver, fox and more, Lori Pickell-Stangel and Joe Stangel will give a historical
context to the book that focuses on the Fur Trade in Minnesota up to the 1930s.  As a part of the main characters canoeing adventure, the people they meet and the culture they encounter in Northern Minnesota, centers heavily on the history of the fur trade that developed a hundred years before the two young boys embarked on their canoeing adventure. Read the book and join us for all our book programs!

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