Fighting Fire – Then & Now: McLeod County Fire Fighters Panel Discussion-4/24/2016

Fighting Fire – Then & Now:  McLeod County Fire Fighters Panel Discussion

Sunday, April 24th – 2PM

McLeod County Historical Museum Educational Media Center




As we search our collections for all things McLeod County Fire Fighting to create displays and create our 2016 Fighting Fire History Booklet, we wanted to take time to learn from the men and women who currently volunteer to keep McLeod County safe from fire.

The Museum has invited representatives from each of the current McLeod County Fire Departments to participate in a public Q & A about how the organizations are run today.  MCHS staff will provide historical context about how the early Fire Departments formed and contrast that against the panel’s experiences now.

There will be special displays of historical Fire Fighting artifacts from the Museum’s extensive collection, as well as photos from of some of the historic fires that have occurred in the communities of McLeod County.

*Above-Photo of Glencoe, MN Fire Department, in front of the McLeod County Court House after 1909 (original, Nelson Photography).




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