Les Kouba Art Gallery

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The McLeod County Historical Museum is proud to own the largest collection of original artwork, limited-edition prints, memorabilia and inventions of renowned “Wildlife” artist Les Kouba.  See the vast collection of, “Minnesota’s Dean of Wildlife Art.”, Les Kouba.  Les did large one of kind murals that are only available for view at the McLeod County Historical Museum Art Gallery.

The McLeod County Museum is proud to own the largest collection of Artwork in Rotating Display Galleryoriginal artwork, limited-edition prints, and memorabilia of internationally renowned artist, Les Kouba, “Minnesota’s Dean of Wildlife Art.”  The exhibit includes works from the young budding artist during his high school years, larger than life murals from his early working artist and sign painting days, as well as the commercial art he did for companies like Old Dutch Potato chips and others.


Martin McLeod Print by KoubaSeen to the left is a one of kind print done just for the McLeod County Historical Society by Les Kouba.  It features a young Martin McLeod in 1837 surveying the land that would become the County of McLeod.  This exquisite print can only be obtained as a gift to the Historical Society of $500 or more, or to anyone who joins the society as a Lifetime Member!

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