Les Kouba’s “By the General Store” Mural Unveiling-10/7/2017

Les Kouba’s

“By the General Store”

Mural Unveiling-Saturday, October 7th @ 10AM

Free Coca Cola, Popcorn  & Ice Cream

10:30AM-Program & Unveiling

Hutchinson Ace Hardware Store

105 Washington Ave East











McLeod County Historical Society & Museum 2017 Annual Meeting-10/23/2017

Monday, October 23rd-5:30-8pm

Museum Educational Media Center

Guest Speaker:  Nancy O’Brien Wagner, Author of, “Alice In France”



Tossed Salad, Seasoned Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Buttered Corn, Coffee or Milk & Cheesecake-$25.00 per person

Tickets available at the McLeod County Historical Museum

380 School Rd. NW

Hutchinson, MN 55350

Please RSVP by Wednesday, October 18th, 2017


“Little Crow & the Dakota War” Documentary Movie & Q & A Talk-11/19/2017

Sunday, November 19th-4PM

State Theater

35 Washington Ave. E

Tickets-$10 -Adults-$5 -Kids under 12 years old

Back by popular demand, the McLeod County Historical Society and Museum is pleased to announce the second showing of, “Little Crow and The Dakota War”!  Thanks to Red McMonagle owner of the Hutchinson State Theater, film directors and producers, Mark Diedrich and Bill Weiss, the Museum was able to present the documentary film back in July of 2017.  The response was overwhelming, with all 300 tickets selling out within minutes of the show.

Tickets are now again available to see this very successful documentary that explores the life of the Dakota Warrior during the U. S. Dakota War of 1862.  The film has been featured on PBS and shown all over the region, with much success.  Unlike the first showing this past July, Mark and Bill will both be available to give a 45 minute talk and question and Answer session about the making of the film and the impact that it has had on the legacy of Little Crow, the Dakota people and the history of the 1862 war that was fought here in McLeod County and Minnesota.  Many who saw the documentary the first time was left with questions and wanted more information to help digest this ground breaking and insightful film that digs much deeper into the reasons for the war and the Dakota side of the story.

All ticket proceeds will go to help support the Museum’s Mission to preserve McLeod County’s History, with all popcorn and pop sales to the State Theater.  The Museum will be pre-selling tickets, so get them early, as last time we only had a handful left to sell at the door!

Mark Diedrich, who is well know author on Native American Chiefs, will many of his books for sale at the event.  The Museum will also have historical booklets on Little Crow and our 1862 Sites Guide for sale before and after the event.



Artifact of the Month:

Donor: Arthur Saar

Accession #: 2003-0173-001

History:  Framed print “By The Country Store” by Minnesota wildlife artist Les C. Kouba. He painted himself in three stages of his life: a man sitting in front of the store carving; a boy sitting on a box watching a man painting a Coca-Cola sign on the side of the store.  Thirteen geese are flying over the store.  A vintage automobile is parked by a gas pump and a Coca-Cola truck is parked on the left side of the store. A sign for Clabber Girl is in the store window and a greyhound sign above the door indicates it is a bus depot. A bicycle and water pump are behind the boy and two ladders extend to the roof and provide scaffolding for the painter. A rural mailbox sits in a milk can across the road and a house and farm are in the distance. 1667/5000.  Wood frame; glass.  Kouba: “This intensely personal painting is an accurate and romantic dual-portrait of the way it was when I was a young man in 1939 working my way around the country painting Coca-Cola signs and trucks, and the way it is now some 50 years later as I sit on a bench in front of the same country store in quiet contemplation pursuing my hobby of carving duck decoys. Like many wildlife artists in my generation, I started basic training wherever I could, and in this case it was sign painting. It was a way of paying my dues while always keeping in mind the final goal of graduating into fine art as a painter of wildlife.


Guess the Gadget-Artifact of the Month:

Donor: Eunice Gaines

Accession #: 1989-0063-020


Olive drab blow up pillow with a case that snaps shut. Rubber. Used in World War I by Paul Gaines.

Thank you to everyone who played our Guess the Gadget Game at the Fair and congrats to our winner, Linda A. Luedtke!


Congrats also to Jason Scheidt, who solved our History Riddle with the correct answer: War Bond Owner!



Family History Research Series-(RSVP @ Your Local Library-All Classes @ 7PM Mondays or Thursdays)

McLeod County Historical Society & Pioneerland Library System presents:

Family History Research Series:

The McLeod County Historical Society and Museum is happy to announce a cooperative program series between the McLeod County Public Libraries and the McLeod County Historical Society and Museum.  Each of 3 classes in our Beginner through Advanced program series will focus on topics and current \methods in Genealogy history research and how you can get the best results and find local resources to aid you in your search.  Sign up for one or all 3 in the series.

Family History Research Series 2017 Schedule:

Advanced Family History Research Programs-Our final set of programs will focus on ways to use and share your family history research information.  We will explore the ins and outs and many different ways you can write and publish your families history, how to join and prepare the paperwork needed to join the many historical societies like S.O.R. and D.A.R. and how to prepare for an overseas research trip.

September 2017
Brownton Public Library–Mondays: Sept. 11, 18, & 25-7 PM

 (*Oct. 2-back up date) Hutchinson-MCHS Museum- Thursdays: Sept. 7, 14, & 21-7PM (*Sept. 28-back up date)

October 2017
Winsted Arts Center-Mondays: Oct. 2, 9 & 16-7PM

(*Oct. 23-back up date)
Glencoe Public Library–Thursdays: Oct. 5, 12 & 19-7 PM

(*Oct. 26-back up date)


Presentation Locations:

Brownton Public Library

335 3rd Street South

Brownton, MN 55312



McLeod Co. Historical Museum

380 School Road NW

Hutchinson, MN 55350


Winsted Arts Center

141 Main Ave. West

Winsted, MN 55395



Glencoe Public Library

1107 11th Street East

Glencoe, MN 55336







Archaeology of a Dugout Canoe MN Archaeology Month-9-17-2017

Archaeology of a Dugout Canoe-MN Archaeology Month

Sunday, September 17th, 2-3pm

Museum Educational Media Center

The McLeod County Historical Society, via a MN Cultural Heritage Grant, has just completed a new chapter in the history of our Dugout Canoe and the history of our region of Minnesota!  Thanks to two additional Carbon 14 tests, collected by the Minnesota Heritage Maritime team, we now have three tests, putting the canoe at 1005 years old.  This makes it the oldest known dugout in the state.  This opens up a whole new chapter in our history and of the known Native Peoples of this area.

The Museum will be debuting our updated booklet on the canoe at this event, with booklets available for purchase from our gift shop.  Please join us for our program presented by Chris Olsen & Ann Merriman of Minnesota Heritage Maritime and learn more about the history of  this historic piece.


August Artifact of the Month

Donor: Leatrice Ziwisky       

Accession #: 2016-0168-072


Gerber Swiss watch. Back opens showing clockworks; missing crystal; attached to mirror case. Watch belonged to Fred A. Bullert and was used in World War I. During WWI Fred served in A.E.F in France from September 8, 1918 to December 21, 1918. He became disabled as the result of gas used in trench warfare in France according to his daughter Leatrice Ziwisky.  Fred was inducted June 24, 1918 at Glencoe, MN.  He was in Company G, 161st Depot Brigade, Camp Grant June 25, 1918 – August 18, 1918; Co. G 341st Infantry August 18, 1918 to October 10, 1918; 354th Infantry October 10, 1918 to January 15, 1919; Co. C.Convalescent Center January 15, 1919 to date of discharge February 3, 1919.

McLeod County Historic Partnership-Kid Pioneers Programs @ Winsted, Silver Lake, Biscay, Stewart

McLeod County Historic Partnership:

Kid Pioneers Programs!

Kid Pioneers is a FREE interactive, historical children’s program about the youngest members of McLeod County’s early settlers. Through games, crafts and other activities, the public can learn about what life was like in the mid-1800s while also getting a broad education on their local town history.  Thanks to our local hosts, Kid Pioneers will be in:

*Location (Local Host): Date & Time

Legion Park (Silver Lake Pola-Czesky Days): Sat, Aug. 5th 11:30am-1:30pm

Hainlin Park (Winsted Summer Festival): Sat, Aug. 12th 2pm-4pm

Biscay City Park (City of Biscay): Wed, Aug 16th 2-4pm

McLeod County Fairgrounds: Thurs. Aug. 17 – Sat. Aug. 19th

Stewart City Park (Friends of the Stewart Red Owl): Sun. Aug 20th 2-4pm

Plato Park Shelter (Plato Lions): Sun, Aug. 27th 1-3pm


McLeod County Fair- August 16th-20th, 2017-Displays, Photos with WWI Soldiers & Red Cross Workers!

McLeod County Fair (August 16th-20th, 2017)

McLeod County & The Great War:(100 Years-1917-2017) 
McLeod County Soldier’s go to War!




The McLeod County Historical Society & Museum is excited to kick off our three year long theme, “McLeod County & the Great War” at this year’s Fair.  This first year we will focus on the U.S. entrance into World War I, the draft in McLeod County, and the Soldier’s experiences at boot camp and making their way to Europe.

The display will showcase draft cards from McLeod County Soldiers, uniforms, WWI gear, and personal letters & photos sent to the home front,  on their way to War. We will also feature how those left behind aided the war effort, especially our McLeod County women, who organized Red Cross Units, sold war bonds and took on historically male dominated roles and jobs to ensure that our Country and County continued to function, doing their part to support the troops overseas!

McLeod County Historical Society & Museum

Booth Open 10 am-9 pm each day of the Fair

  • Photos with WWI Soldiers & Red Cross Workers
  • Guess the WWI Gadget?
  • Learn why many thought WWI would be the
  • War to end Wars!