Historical Happenings

Our monthly radio spot will be returning on June 29th to feature MCHS’s new Executive Director, Brian Haines.  Make sure to tune in!

History Quest

The McLeod County Historical Society’s monthly television spot on HCVN will feature a new name with a new twist.  Formerly known as “Spotlight on the Collection”, History Quest goes out of the museum to literally walk in the footsteps of McLeod County’s historic figures as we travel to legendary sites in the county.  Watch us on cable access channel 7 & 10!

Author Visit-Dean Urdahl

Join us on Sunday, June 3rd and listen to renowned Minnesota author, Dean Urdahl speak about Minnesota Regiments in the western theater of the Civil War.  The event begins at 2pm and is sure to be the highlight of the weekend.

2018 Pork Chop Feed

Monday, June 11th

A Backyard BBQ Fundraising event

Live Music!


$6-Kids (ages 6 and under)

*New for 2018

Event will be held OUTSIDE!

(inside if weather is a factor)


2018 Then and Now Fashion Show!

The 2018 Then and Now Fashion is almost here! Back by popular demand, this event will take guests on a tour of past McLeod County fashions and cast a spotlight on what current trends some of the area’s local business owners are selling today! Appetizers and beverages will be served and guests will have a chance to win beautiful door prizes and participate in a live auction! Be sure to check our Facebook page (link below) to see special previews and sneak peaks before the event!

Tickets are $25.00, are only being sold at the McLeod County Historical Society, and must be purchased before April 29th. Don’t miss your chance to revel in the trends of decades past!

The Then and Now Fashion couldn’t be possible without the support of these local businesses: Amazing Grace Boutique, The Village Shop, PURSE-a-nalities, Lillians of Hutchinson, and The Enchanted Trunk. Thank you for your support!

McLeod County Historical Society: Then and Now Facebook Event

Note from the Director

Hello!  My name is Brian Haines, Executive Director of the McLeod County Historical Society and Museum.  My journey here has been a long one.  I first realized my passion for history in a course at Ridgewater College.  From there I went on to study at St. Cloud State University to further my education in the discipline.  Shortly after graduation I found myself working at odd jobs that had little to do with history.  Finally, an opportunity presented itself when the Paynesville Area Historical Society began looking for a steward of their local history.

I worked as Director of the Paynesville History Museum for four years.  It was a wonderful experience; however, when the opportunity arose to accept an executive position with the McLeod County Historical Society, I could not turn it down.  Though I’ll always cherish my time in Paynesville, the prospects of directing a large institution, and the history of the county and surrounding area made choosing this organization easy.

One thing I’ve learned as a museum administrator is that a museum is not just a place to collect and store dusty artifacts, but rather it’s a place of excitement – a place where history comes alive.  The stories, the adventure, the passion, and the romanticized images of bygone eras are what live inside the doors of a history museum; no one person can deny the animate sensations afforded by a simple stroll through the museum gallery.  If I could only use one phrase to describe the experience, it would be that a museum like this is a “literal time machine”.

Above and beyond the aspirations for myself as Director of this institute, is to do my part to make the museum experience fun.  I hope to bring some new and exciting events to the museum, events that are outside the standard of what museums are typically known for.  To wit, I’ll do my best to offer you the most fun you’ve ever had in a museum.

Though I could go on and on about the things I’d like to do, and the things I’ve done in the past, I’ll part with a short conversation I had with my wife the other night.  She asked, “Anything new at work?”  I replied, “No, I work at a history museum.”

Brian Haines

Director, McLeod County Historical Society

New Traveling Displays

Did you know that there are FOUR traveling displays throughout McLeod County? Small exhibits in Brownton, Glencoe and Hutchinson that showcase different themes or events in McLeod County’s Historic. All four have been recently changed out for new exhibits, so why not take a drive and get a close-up view of historical artifacts and their history?

The displays are located at: The Brownton Public Library, Culvers in Hutchinson, the McLeod County Courthouse, and the Glencoe Public Library.

Take a look, and be sure if to tag us on social media if you happen to take a selfie with the artifacts! We’re on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

2018 Community Book Read: Community Book Discussion

Community Book Discussion


Join us at the McLeod County Historical Society on Sunday, March 11 at 2pm for the second installment of the 2018 Community Book Read: One Book, One Community. Come and meet with fellow readers and share in an open discussion on “The Song Poet: Memoirs from my Father” by Kao Kalia Yang.

This free event is made possible with a collaboration between the Hutchinson Public Library, Heart of Hutch, the Hutchinson Leader and the McLeod County Historical Society.

HIRING: McLeod County Historical Society StEPS Consultant

The McLeod County Historical Society is seeking Requests for Proposals for a Consultant to walk through the StEPS Program with members of the MCHS Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers

RFP for StEPS Organizational Development Consultant

RFPs can be submitted via mail or email to MCHS Board President Mark Henke, and should be postmarked no later than February 21:

Mcleod County Historical Society

Re: Mary Henke, Board President

380 School Rd NW

Hutchinson, MN 55350



One Book, One Community: Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 2pm

In collaboration with the Heart of Hutch, the Hutchinson Public Library and the Hutchinson Leader, this is the first installment of the 2018 Community Book Read: One Book, One Community series. Based around the featured book, The Song Poet: Memoirs of my Father by Kao Kalia Yang, Txong Pao Lee and Dr. Mark Pfeifer with the Hmong Cultural Center in St. Paul will be in the Media Center at the McLeod County Historical Society and Museum on Saturday, February 10th at 2pm to give a talk entitled Hmong 101: The Cultural Background.