Early Dugout Canoe Display Grand Opening-9/7/14

canoe1Early Dugout Canoe Display Grand Opening

Sunday, September 7th 2-4 PM

Museum Media Center

For the past few months the Museum’s early dugout canoe, that was dated to between 1030 to 1220 AD, has been receiving a little extra attention from volunteer Dave Horrmann, seen above.  Once discovering the canoe was around 900 years old, much older than previously thought, museum staff felt the canoe needed some extra preservation and care.  The canoe had been on display in the Museum’s Native American display in the historical gallery for many years.  It was once housed on the floor, but thanks to a local youth’s Eagle Scout project, an iron cradle on wheels was made to support it.  Even with the base, the wood of the canoe was exposed to guests curious hands and accidental damage by foot traffic.  So now, thanks to a MN Cultural Heritage Legacy Grant, a custom built acrylic bonnet, hand painted base and rock edging was created. This will not only help to preserve the canoe from damage and dust, but also show guests how the canoe may have looked on the water.  Dave’s custom design will ensure the canoe is protected and preserved for generations to come.

In observance of Minnesota Archeology Week, National Register Archeologist David Mather will be joining us to discuss the historical significance of the canoe, how dugout canoes were made and what else we can learn about some of the earliest Minnesotans who lived over 900 years ago.  We hope you will join us to learn more.


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