Country School Tour District 11 Komensky -4/27/2015

Picture1Country School Tour District 11 Komensky School

Monday, April 27th  7-8 PM
19981 Major Ave.-Hutchinson, MN

The McLeod County Historical Society and Museum is celebrating all things Country School in 2015. For those who attended a rural country school, the photos shown here of Komensky School District #11 will bring back memories, but for younger generations, the idea of all eight grades in one or two small class rooms is hard to imagine. The Komensky school retains much of its original layout and design features that made it a very modern, for its time, country school. The history of the school is also rooted in the history of the cultural community that settled this area in McLeod County. District #11 is filled with historical artifacts displayed throughout the building, each telling a special part of the school’s unique history. Please join us for a tour of District #11-Komensky School, that will bring back some memories. Bring a child or grandchild and share your memories with them and make some new ones. We hope you will join us for this open house program on the history of Komensky School, one of McLeod County’s surviving country school buildings.

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