Meeting Room Rentals

Meeting RoomMeeting Room:
* The Meeting room seats up to 100 guests & is set to seat 72, with tables and chairs.
* The sound system is wireless with both hand held & a hands free microphone available.

*Laptop and 70 inch Smart T.V. with wifi access, make for crystal clear presentations!
*A pull down screen and digital projector is also available for use in giving presentations.
*Our sturdy and light weight tables can be arranged to fit your needs, as long as they are returned to their original configuration after your event.
*The Kitchen facility must be rented if serving food or drinks.
*Two 100 cup, one 30 cup, and standard 12 cup coffee makers are available to use.
*A stove top range and oven, along with a microwave can be used to warm items, but we ask that nothing be prepared on site, unless you have a current food preparation license.
*A standard size refrigerator with ice box can be used to keep items cool. If large items must be stored, please let us know ahead of time, so space can be made for them.
Museum Galleries:
*The Museum has two gallery spaces that are available for touring: The Les Kouba Wildlife Art Gallery and the McLeod County History Gallery.
*Established or selected historical topic programs are also available, presented by Museum Staff for a small fee.

Lori Leading GroupEstablished speaker programs:    

1.Historical Sites of the Conflict of 1862
2.Lost Towns of McLeod County
3.McLeod County Medical Miracles
4.McLeod County Education and Early Schools
5.Top Ten McLeod County Historical
Contributions to Minnesota
6.Artists of McLeod County
7.History of the towns of McLeod County.
(Special topic programs can be researched & presented by Staff if requested in

Rental Fees:  A $50.00 deposit is required to reserve your date. The deposit can be subtracted from your final rental cost. Deposits will be kept if your rental is canceled less then 24 hours before the scheduled date, or if any damage or cleanup is required by Museum staff after your event.

Meeting Room Rental Space Only:
Four Hour Rental or Less-$75.00
With Kitchen-$100.00

Five to Eight Hour Rental-$150.00
With Kitchen-$175.00

Meeting Room Rental with Gallery Space Use:
Four Hour Rental or Less-$100.00
With Kitchen-$125.00

Five to Eight Hour Rental-$175.00
With Kitchen-$200.00

Meeting Room Rental with Museum Speaker Program & Gallery Space Use:
Four Hour Rental or Less-$150.00
With Kitchen-$175.00

Five to Eight Hour Rental-$200.00
With Kitchen-$225.00
(Special rates can be negotiated for long term rentals, or year-around group meetings)

Meeting Room Rental Brochure