New Historians Youth Club

The MCHS “New Historians” Youth Club will meet on January 15 @ 10:30am.  The topic this month is  “Pioneer Price is Right”.  On a side note, this club is for school aged children. Public school, home school, or parochial school aged children are welcome to attend.



January 2020 Breakfast Club

The January MCHS Breakfast Club will be meeting on January 28 @ 10:30am.  This month will be a round table style discussion on historic snow storms.  As always, refreshments and snacks will be served as our treat to you.

August 27th Dakota War Roundtable Discussion

On August 27, at 10:30am, the McLeod County Historical Society will be hosting it’s monthly Breakfast Club meeting.  Each month members are invited to the museum for free coffee and donuts.  In addition, we like to offer either a speaker, or a topic for discussion.  This month, the topic will be the US-Dakota War of 1862, also known as the Sioux Uprising.  Since many settlers in McLeod County found themselves affected by the war, there will be many stories to discuss.

*Not up to date on the conflict, no problem, stop in and listen to the discussion over a hot cup of coffee.

**Not a member, have no fear.  The membership requirement for this month’s discussion will be waived.

Historical Happenings

Our monthly radio spot will be returning on June 29th to feature MCHS’s new Executive Director, Brian Haines.  Make sure to tune in!

History Quest

The McLeod County Historical Society’s monthly television spot on HCVN will feature a new name with a new twist.  Formerly known as “Spotlight on the Collection”, History Quest goes out of the museum to literally walk in the footsteps of McLeod County’s historic figures as we travel to legendary sites in the county.  Watch us on cable access channel 7 & 10!