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The McLeod County Historical Society & Museum strives to preserve the photos, documents and objects that tell the history of the people and places of McLeod County.  The Museum building is our largest and most important enclosure to help protect and preserve these priceless artifacts!  If the windows and doors leak, letting in rain and snow, then the artifacts are at risk! Moisture is the biggest destroyer of paper, fabric and wood-most of the materials our collection is made of!  The Museum has received bids that tell us that to replace our 43 windows and large inner and outer front doors will cost around $60,000.00.  These are funds that the Museum does not currently have in our budget. These important structural fixes to our building must be taken care of to ensure the preservation of our historical artifacts now and for future generations!
The Burich Foundation understands how important and urgent this project is. This is why they are willing to help us raise the needed funds, with a dollar for dollar matching grant up to $30,000.00!
This is a great opportunity to make an end of year donation go twice as far!  For every dollar you
contribute, the Burich Foundation will donate a dollar to our Windows and Doors Project. Help us to continue our mission to Preserve the Past and Inspire the Future!

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MN GIVE-MCHS Windows & Doors Project

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