“Breaking News!” Milestones in the History of Hutchinson, MN-5/17/2015

Breaking News Book Cover“Breaking News!”-Milestones in the History of Hutchinson

Book Presentation by Julie Jensen
Sunday, May 17th 2-3 PM
Museum Educational Media Center

“Breaking News!” -Milestones in the History of Hutchinson, MN is our newest book by long time member and volunteer Julie Jensen. Julie has authored several books for the Historical Society, but her latest is a chronological walk through the history of Hutchinson, MN.  The book is setup as a timeline that takes you decade by decade through the people, places and events that made Hutchinson into the community that it is today. Unlike past publications that Julie has authored for the Museum, this booklet was a collaborative effort on the design. Julie reached out to Amy Jo Maher, a Multimedia Design Technology instructor at Ridgewater College for some ideas. Amy used theTimeline book as a ‘real world” project that was open to design submissions by all class members. Once a design was selected, Kayla, a student in the class, was selected as the project manager and the planning and finalization of the book’s design layout began.
Dr. Jensen will be presenting, “Breaking News!” by highlighting some of the research she did for the book, using the museum’s vast collection of photos, historical documents and three dimensional artifacts. We hope you will join us for this educational walk through Hutchinson history!


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