Artifact/s of the Month:

Donor: James Pessek
Accession #’s: 2012-0007-027, 2012-0007-028

Photo of a vintage dray truck outside the Stewart Depot, taken in 1925. Two unidentified boys are in the back of the truck, with two unidentified men in front of the truck. The man on the left is the Depot agent, who is checking off the load; Agent is printed on his cap.

Three unidentified men inside the Stewart Depot in 1925. There is a lantern in the background and a clock that reads 3:35 p.m., as well as an open fuse box on the wall. The Depot Agent is at the ticket window in the photo.


  1. My name is Debra Sharkey and I live in Kamloops, BC Canada. My Mom is Simone Doucette and we are decendants of Germain Doucet and Marie Bourgeois. My Grandpa is Donat Doucette and Belle Prairie is his birth place 06-02 1897. I would love to have a copy of the Doucet book you have or any other inomifatron and photos. What ever you could share would be appreciated.

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