Artifact/s of the Month

Accession #: 2005-0148-001

History: Green tin lunch pail used by Ray Pavlish when he attended Country School, Dist. #51. On the lid is carved the initials R. P., on the side of the lid is a piece of tape with the name Dennis Pavlish.
Lunch PailDonor: Raymond Pavlish







SlateDonor: Laura Karg

Accession #: 2005-0063-000

History: Small slate with a wood frame. It has S. L. on the side. It also has a hole on the top for hanging. The L. R. stands for Lars Rasmussen, who attended Country School, Dist. #45 from 1884-1892. He used the slate for writing and arithmetic as paper was scarce at the time. Laura Rasmussen Karg used the same slate from 1916-1924.

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