Artifact of the Month

Donor:  August H. Luthens

Accession #:  2010-0025-001

History: Photocopy of a 1924 fire/lightning insurance policy of August Luthens with Retail Merchants Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Minnesota.  The policy covers his Clear Lake Store, fixtures and merchandise to the amount of six thousand dollars.  Term of one year from May 21, 1924 until May 21, 1925 for payment of one hundred eleven dollars.  An insert shows a photo of the Clear Lake Store in it’s “heyday”.  Another insert explains an annual renewable term policy five-year contract.  The donor’s father August Luthens, Sr. owned the Clear Lake Store until about 1937 when the donor was 2 years old.  His mother had died in 1935.  The farmers couldn’t pay their bills during the Depression and his father sold the store in about 1937 and they moved to Hutchinson.





















Donor:  G. F. Nemitz and Sons (Art and Linda Benjamin)

Accession #: 2015-0008-011

History:  Ink blotter from St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Co., St. Paul, Minnesota. Charles F. Fiman, Agent, Hutchinson, Minnesota.  Found in A.O.U.W. record book.


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