Artifact of the Month

Donor: Deloris Olson Bollin

Accession #: 2014-0153-001

History: 5 Gallon Crock Water Cooler, commonly used in country school houses. The water cooler is labeled by Medalta Potteries Ltd., Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. The piece has a mismatched cover, is missing one handle, and is missing its spout. It has decorative horizontal stripes and is glazed on the outside and not on the inside. Medalta Potteries produced pottery from 1924-1954 and was located by clay fields and natural gas supply and made 3,600 items a day.
This water cooler was used at Country School District #41, Lynn Township, Heatwole.

Crock water cooler3.jpgCrock water cooler

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