Archaeology of a Dugout Canoe MN Archaeology Month-9-17-2017

Archaeology of a Dugout Canoe-MN Archaeology Month

Sunday, September 17th, 2-3pm

Museum Educational Media Center

The McLeod County Historical Society, via a MN Cultural Heritage Grant, has just completed a new chapter in the history of our Dugout Canoe and the history of our region of Minnesota!  Thanks to two additional Carbon 14 tests, collected by the Minnesota Heritage Maritime team, we now have three tests, putting the canoe at 1005 years old.  This makes it the oldest known dugout in the state.  This opens up a whole new chapter in our history and of the known Native Peoples of this area.

The Museum will be debuting our updated booklet on the canoe at this event, with booklets available for purchase from our gift shop.  Please join us for our program presented by Chris Olsen & Ann Merriman of Minnesota Heritage Maritime and learn more about the history of  this historic piece.


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