Staff & Volunteers


Brian Haines –Executive Director

Brian Haines is the Executive Director of the McLeod County Historical Society and Museum.  Brian holds a B.A. in History with a minor in Political Science from St. Cloud State University.  Brian came to McLeod County from Paynesville, Minnesota where he worked as the Director of the Paynesville Area Historical Society.  He currently oversees all of the organization’s programs, events, capital campaigns, and marketing strategies.  In addition, he is in charge of site management, public relations, and media outreach.

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Administrative Assistant

Peggy Paulson

100_6489Peggy Paulson is our part-time Administrative Assistant for the McLeod County Historical Society and Museum.  Peggy logs museum membership, and aids in tours. Peggy also greets guests and aids researchers in our extensive research library. Peggy also researches and creates rotating displays from the Museum’s vast collection of artifacts for the Museum’s meeting room area and traveling exhibits.

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Bev Swenson

Collections Manager

Bev Swenson Collections ManagerBeverly Swenson volunteers full time at the McLeod County Historical Museum as our Collections Manager. As a part of her duties, Bev works with artifact donations and the cataloging, photographing, and data entry of all items in the Museum’s vast collections.  She also manages all new artifact donations and heads our Collections Policy Committee team!

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Archives Manager: Currently Open

We are looking for a volunteer to serve as our Archivist and Library Manager for the McLeod County Historical Museum’s research center.  As a part of his/her duties, the archivist oversees a group of dedicated volunteers who index, file, digitize and preserve the Museum’s vast collection of photos, documents, artwork, and digital media!
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Liz Schwarze

3-D Collections Manager

Liz Schwarze 3-D Collections ManagerLiz Schwarze volunteers as our three dimensional artifact manager for the McLeod County Historical Museum.  Liz oversees the vast and varied collections of 3-D artifacts that range from small stone projectile points to large Victorian furniture items.  Liz labels, boxes, and keeps the vast collection organized and updated on our computer system.  Liz also aids staff in pulling artifacts for special displays, research, and programs.

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Marlys Fredrick


Marlys Fredrick ResearcherMarlys Fredrick volunteers for the McLeod County Historical Museum as our in-house researcher.  Marlys is an avid genealogist with many years of experience in the field of family history research.  Marlys handles all our research requests via mail, e-mail, and walk-ins.  Marlys is also the head of our Genealogy Society group that meets at the Museum.

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