7th Grade History Projects & Historic Character Presentations-6/1/2015

7th grade history projects7th Grade History Projects & Historic Character Presentations:

Monday, June 1st- 6 – 8 PM
Museum Educational Media Center

The McLeod County Historical Society and Museum is thrilled to present our 2015 7th Grade History projects again this year. Each year the Hutchinson school’s 7th grade American History class is assigned to complete a history project or historic character portrayal of their choice. There are two groups of 7th Graders who participate each year, 7 Alpha group and 7 Omega group. The Museum uses our Educational Media Center display space to show off the creative and insightful models and storyboards that have been completed by the students. The Museum has offered a cash award to the top three rated projects, as picked by a committee from the Museum’s board of directors, over the past few years.  This year we have the added bonus of also showcasing the work done by the students who have chosen to do historic character portrayal presentations. These presentations are done in historical character by the students. Each student has researched an historic figure, put together a costume that would have been worn by that character and written a scripted Presentation, telling that person’s life story.  This year’s 7th grade class have chosen some outstanding historic figures to portray. Some of the presentations you could see at our program on June 1st are: Abraham Lincoln, Bonnie Parker, Al Capone, FDR, Sacagawea, Shirley Temple, JFK, Alice Paul, Theodore Roosevelt, the Statue of Liberty and Johnny Cash-complete with a song!  As with the historical storyboard projects, members of our committee will be judging the character portrayals and awarding a cash prize to the top three presentations of the evening.  Please help us to encourage the importance and love of history, by attending our 7th Grade History Project Tour & Historic Character Presentations!

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